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The countless number of opportunities that any brand will encounter by expanding and strengthening its channel and mediums of communication. 

You have probably heard of the term omni channel marketing, but have you ever heard of omnipresent marketing? This term is widely used by industry professionals. This is fundamental for you to get familiar with this type of marketing for the sole reason that it’s increasingly expanding and ever-evolving. Omnipresent marketing simply means that marketing is everywhere. What I mean by that is that for instance, a brand doesn’t limit to a certain number of channels or mediums. Actually, that brand will try its hardest to be present, visible and reachable on as many channels and platforms as possible. Additionally, brands seeking to be omnipresent combine both online and off lines channels in order to reach as many consumers as possible while adapting to their audiences needs and preferences. Indeed, while some people favor the use of online channels such as social media platforms or websites, some others are used to and prefer traditional mediums such as television, magazines, displays, so on and so forth. In my today’s post, I would like to discuss some critical factors to take into consideration when going omnipresent. To illustrate, I am going to talk about Clemence&Margaux: my own sunglasses/optical brand by explaining which framework areas I would use and why. Let’s deep into this.

The significant key components to consider when trying to develop and enhance its omnipresence

Building High Rapport

Building rapport is essential in order to make your customers feel valued, important, unique and taken care of. Keep in mind that this is the key to any successful, loyal, trustworthy and durable relationship between you and your customers. To do so effectively, consider spending time listening to your customers wants, needs, preferences and expectations.

As an example, prior to designing new sunglasses/optical frames for Clemence&Margaux, this is critical for us to get feedback from our customers. We are constantly trying to gather as much information as possible in order to better respond to their needs. For instance, we ask them which shape they prefer, which colors they value, if they prefer thin or bigger temples, if they enjoy shopping online and if so why, so on and so forth. Actually, we don’t have to create frames based of our tastes, but rather focus on our customers tastes and preferences.

Building high proximity

Clemence&Margaux strives to build and strengthen its proximity with its customers. Building proximity somehow means to be present in your customers life. How does Clemence&Margaux does that? Well, we regularly attends optical fairs not merely to find out about the latest trends, but also to talk with some prospects that could eventually turn to us and become our customers. By attending such events, we clearly demonstrate our willingness in getting to know them better by enthusiastically communicate with them in order to find out about their needs, desires or preferences in order to serve them the best we can.

Yet, although Clemence&Margaux is present, visible and accessible on many channels, there is room for improvement in order to be omnipresent. For instance, there are some social media platforms such as TikTok or Pinterest on which we are not present at all. Thus, considering expanding our channels is crucial in order to reach as many customers as possible as well as raising our brand awareness.

Additionally, we could participate in online communities in order to gather people sharing the same purpose or interests so as to reach out new prospects potentially interested in our products.

Furthermore, attending networking events would help us reach out to new people. I have to keep in mind that being omnipresent is being wherever people are. This is the best way to make cconnections and most of the time, people enjoy attending this type of event.

High value

When you think of value, the first words that come to you are quality products, quality service, benefits, etc. In order to create high value, you need to fully satisfy your customers’ expectations while trying to exceed them. You shouldn’t never get satisfied with meeting their needs, you should always do more and go beyond their expectations so that they can see you as a trusted brand and turn to you again whenever they need a similar service.

As of today, personalization is what truly matters. This is what allows brands to stand out and be unique. For instance, Clemence&Margaux could improve on this area and figure out some ways to better personalize their customers experiences. As an example, we could personalize the cases by writing down their names on it if desired. We could also send regular emails or regularly making phone calls in order to provide them with solutions or just listen to them if they have anything to say.

As you can see, being omnipresent requires some time, search, patience, devotion, willingness and determination. This is extremely hard to be present on every channel but the more channels we are visible on, the more our brand will expand and reach expected outcomes. Keep in mind that nowadays, more and more brands are putting forth efforts into being omnipresent so this will become harder and harder to stand out in such a competitive business world.

For more information or if you wish to read more about marketing topics related, feel free to visit my website For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at or at @clemroney. Looking forward to connecting.

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