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Nowadays, compagnies are increasingly running campaigns such as split testing or A/B testing to determine which communication piece performs better in order to effectively and efficiently achieve their MarCom goals. Prior to launching a marketing campaign promoting a product, this is critical to find out which communication will have better and expected results on the target audience. Not too long ago, I made the decision to test 2 videos to better understand the concept and make my own interpretations based on the results. Thus, I have a few advises for you that you may want to consider prior to testing your ads.

Advices for a Better Testing Experience

The first insight I would like to share with you is to test more than one factor. Indeed, the more factors being tested, the more significant results will be. For instance, you may choose to test one video containing music, voice over, colors, icons and text while the second video will only contain music, text and colors. I strongly advice you not to isolate any factors. The more factors you can test, the more you will be able to make reliable and valuable decisions. In addition, testing as many factors as you can will allow you to evaluate which communication piece performs best and not better but this decision is up to you and will depend on your overall goal.

More importantly, this is critical to appropriately choose both the geographic location and the target segmentation. After all, the results depend on who will see the ad and where those ads will be displayed. If this process is not done correctly, this may unfortunately reveal results that are not accurate or unreliable.

Finally, I would suggest that you clearly establish your time frame in which your test will be ran. You may prefer to launch it during the week because people spend more time on their computers or on their phones which may increase the likelihood of them seeing the ads.

Testing ads is a lot of fun and meanwhile, this is helpful to achieve your MarCom goals. After doing it once or twice, you will feel much more confident and knowing that you will make the right decision will help you be successful and gain confidence. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll be pleased to assist you.

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