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Technology: The dehumanization or humanization? Such is the question

I just watched a fascinating video named “Humanizing Customer Experiences,” in which Evan Carroll emphasizes and conveys such a meaningful and insightful reflection about how technology could actually save us. In today’s world, technology hasn’t kept evolving, and we often hear that technology will gradually replace humans, but what if it was the other way around? What if instead of dehumanizing people, technology would gradually, increasingly, and effectively humanize them, their behavior, and their experiences? What if technology would actually figure out a way to empower people? Let’s discuss that in further detail in the following section.

Technology: our worst enemy or our savior?

In the video, Evan Carroll raised such an important point. He stated the following: “Let technology do what it does best; let people do what they do best.” I analyze this because technology and people could align with each other and do great things together. Technology couldn’t actually improve without people, and people couldn’t progress without technology. What I understand is that technology can outperform, and so do people. The ever-evolving development of technology might result in the ever-evolving humanization of people. Some people feel dehumanized because of the advancements in technology, but what if those advancements were out there on purpose to rehumanize people so that they can get the best out of themselves, allowing people to know themselves better? For instance, technology enables people to strengthen their relationships with others, be more emotional, develop their critical thinking skills, help them make better decisions, enhance their problem-solving skills, and so on and so forth. Aren’t all of the above characteristics of how people behave and act in their daily lives? Technology might be the best thing that has ever existed to improve people’s lives, either personal or professional. Thus, we can ask ourselves the following question: Does going more digital mean going more human? Technology’s goal might be to facilitate and enhance face-to-face interactions to strengthen human communication.

Technology: the key to humanizing customers’ experiences

In addition to humanizing people, technology also humanizes companies, brands, and customer experiences. As I mentioned earlier, technology hasn’t kept evolving and will keep evolving unexpectedly. What I mean by that is that we have no idea of how technology will progress and how fast. Yet, as Evan Carroll said: “There will be a time where there is going to be so much technology we are going to interact with as customers that human touch will be out of premium.” Nowadays, thanks to the power and strengths of technology, companies and brands have access to a countless number of data, enabling them to gather as much information as possible, understand customers at a more personal level, and, thus, personalize their experiences. Personalization couldn’t occur without a clear understanding of who their customers are, what their habits are, their preferences, their passions, and so on and so forth. Therefore, communication is essential to personalize each customer experience. In addition, as of today, data can be found anywhere at any time. Isn’t that why companies can effectively and efficiently serve that many customers worldwide? Was it the case 25 years ago? Of course not, for the only reason that technology was not as developed and as advanced as it is today.

As you can see technology is revolutionizing our world. I am looking forward to seeing what will happen 20 to 330 years from now.

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