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A few decades ago, the world we currently live in was definitely not as digital. As such, people were less likely to search for information about new brands or products on the Internet. They used to refer to the products advertising they used to see in their respectives countries. Thus,, from one country to another, products preferences and buyer behavior used to greatly vary and significantly differ. Yet, along with the expansion of the Internet, companies are increasingly developing their markets overseas. As a result, marketers realized that people’s tastes and consumption habits had significantly changed. Therefore, more and more marketers are revising their strategies in order to go global.

                Shared commonalities

Nowadays, more and more people share commonalities when it comes to brands or products. Over time, marketers realized that no matter the country, language, values, culture or norms, people tend to develop the same tastes and interests for brand new products. Surprisingly, many people share common styles and outlooks which makes it easier and more practical for marketers to promote their products because they know that most of the target audience will consider purchasing them.

As Melanie Healey mentions in the article “Marketers tend to focus more on global thrives than on nationalities”, more and more global thrives are forming all around the world and are interconnected through technology. The main reason that explains such a shift is that the Internet is sharing information so quickly that people can access brands and products advertising all over the world in a fraction of seconds. An example of global thrive could include socializing. As a matter of fact, people constantly communicate through social media so they get to know each other and may realize that they share commonalities such as fashion, cosmetics or music.          The more interactions, the greater the chances that people get to discover a specific brand or product. Still according to Malanie Healey, gloval thrives are constantly growing so businesses opportunities will keep arising. In addition, , many products offer great benefits while increasingly improving people’s life quality. For instance, Apple products are greatly appreciated and valued from a wide variety of people because they are modern, high-tech and in a sense, they improve their life quality which doubtlessly increases their happiness.

This is clear that technology has played such an important role in the global development of many businesses. In fact, people spend their time on their phone or on their computer so they constantly communicate with people or checks out posts on social media, advertisings emphasizing new products, brands, websites, and so forth. In addition, people increasingly travel which expands their culture.  Wherever they go, they may meet someone that will tell them about the benefits of a new skincare brand that may result in a desire to try it out. People may also run into an advertising on TV or in a local mall that they wouldn’t have been able to see if they stayed at home. The more people travel, the more they realize that no matter which country they go to or which language they talk in, styles can be greatly similar. Similarities are increasingly expanding through borders which help businesses grow and acquire some opportunities. While some brands are going global, some others prefer to stay local. It’s up to them to decide what suits them best as long as each brand is staying aligned with one’s goals and objectives.

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