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Target Giant Retailer that successfully and strategy expanded it’s only channel presence in order to compete with extreme big giants such as Amazon

In today’s business world, brands, companies, and retailers are increasingly and efficiently transitioning to omnichannel marketing in order to meet better their customer’s wants, needs, and expectations. Omnichannel is a term used to unify in-store and online retail experiences. There is another explicit reason why retailers are rapidly shifting to omnichannel. Amazon has implemented and enhanced excellent strategies in terms of delivery, product quality and customer service experience that many retailers not to say all retailers are trying their hardest to compete with Amazon. Indeed, according to Evan Mac, Senior Research Specialist for large format retail at Gartner for Marketers: “The best big box retailers are figuring out how to leverage their category expertise and their massive store footprint to compete with Amazon both from a fulfillment perspective but also from an in-store experience perspective. Some retailers have been excitingly successful in implementing omnichannel strategies that enable them to acquire more retail shares. Let’s take the fascinating example of Target: the giant retail.

Target: such a great example of success for its main competitors

Over the past few years, Target has comprehended the importance and necessity of elaborating and implementing new strategies to transition from multichannel to omnichannel marketing. Below are some significant and valuable strategies used and enhanced by Target. Let’s explore them.

One of Target’s strategies is to use Facebook to drive awareness of in-store events. In a post-pandemic world, in-store events have become more critical than ever before. As a matter of fact, in-store events do not merely enable the retailer to attract new customers but also to build brand awareness and brand loyalty, leading to much more substantial brand equity. In addition, promoting in-store events shows evidence that Target adapts to all its audiences. Some customers probably prefer to shop in stores to have a better experience.

Furthermore, Target consistently prioritizes it’s stores same day free pick-up. This is a fact, nowadays, people want quick delivery. They wish to get things right here right now. This brings me to think that people prefer delivery over product quality, or if we are not there yet, we’ll get there any time soon;

One of Target’s significant and successful strategies is to provide their customers with a seamless shopping experience through multiple channels including physical store, online shopping and mobile apps. We live in a digital era, but some people still prefer to shop offline due to habits and preferences. However, consumers’ needs are ever-changing, which is why Target needs to put forth efforts to adopt strategies that allow it to fulfill its customers’ requirements and expectations.

Nowadays, customers are looking for great experiences, convenience, quality, and personalization. Indeed, consumers want to feel important, valued, and unique. Target was amazingly able to personalize their customer’s experiences. Target uses algorithms to suggest products based on customers’ browsers and purchase history. Based on this information, they can suggest products that fit their tastes and preferences.

Although Target has implemented great strategies, there is always room for improvement. For instance, Target’s online and physical platforms were not fully integrated, leading to price inconsistencies. For example, if customers look at prices online and then go to the physical store, they may find different prices for the same products. This leads to customers’ frustration; thus, they may turn to another competitor to satisfy their experience.

Another issue is the website. It’s been reported that Target’s platforms were not as accessible as other competitor platforms such as Amazon. Therefore, once again, customers may turn into another retailer to fully enjoy their shopping experience. This is a considerable issue since our world is increasingly digital, and even though some people prefer to shop in-store, modern generations enjoy shopping online for convenience.

As you can see, Target has implemented great strategies to increase its omnichannel presence. Through the implementation of both online and offlines channels, Target is trying its hardest to meet and exceed its customers needs. However, it’s clear that they have to make adjustements regarding their online channels in order to facilitate their customers experience. Although a company is doing great, there will always be room for improvement and innovation.

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