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Nowadays, we live in a fast paced world that is highly and increasingly digital. As a matter of fact, one of the main factors that led to such a shift is the constant use of social media along with its multiple platforms. Indeed, most people spend their time on their phones watching news, searching for information or chatting with friends no matter where they are either at work, at home, in a restaurant, and so forth. In addition, ever since Covid 19, people are getting used to working remotely due to both its efficacy and its convenience. Thus, more and more activities occur online which led marketers to implement and strengthen both current and new strategies in order to effectively attract consumers. Therefore, more than ever before, marketers must expand their knowledge on IMC which stand for integrated marketing communications so as to efficiently promote their products or services aiming at satisfying customers’s needs and wants.

IMC goals

In our today’s society, there are more and more available options to deliver a message. In fact, IMC includes but is not limited to sales promotions, email marketing, online marketing, social media marketing, and so on. No matter what the channels marketers are using, they need to remain clear, consistent, credible and persuading about the message they are trying to convey to their audience. Thus, one of the most important key point is to put forth efforts into developing and implementing strategies to reach one’s overall goal. This is critical that marketers think like the consumer in order to be able to determine which channel is more likely to have a positive impact on the message trying to be conveyed. Keep in mind that when people are looking for information about a new product such as training clothes, they like to compare alternatives prior to making a decision as to which brand will better fit their needs or desires. Yet, the channel being used is not sufficient to attract consumers. Marketers have to think far ahead and adopt the AIDA model to maximize their likelihood of success.

The AIDA Model

AIDA stands for awareness, interest, desire and action. As I mentioned earlier, marketers need to think like the consumer. In order for this to occur, they need to clearly define their target clientele to identify their needs. Once a need has been established, they can slowly create awareness.


For instance, when Nike promotes new working out clothes, they create content and videos by mostly using the inspirational appeal because they know that in addition to responding to their target audience’s need, they will get inspired and amazed by what they see such as people participating into championships or people working out hard to stay healthy. At this stage, awareness has been raised and people may develop an interest in Nike’s products.


Interest occurs when people searches for more information and want to find out about the brand as well as the products it offers. For example, if they saw an advertising of Nike on YouTube, they may want to check out Nike’s website or its social media platofrms in order to look at products in depth or reviews from people using that brand. Once interest has been reached, people are in a sense already aware that Nike’s items are better thatn what the competition offers.

Desire and action

Once people will have done some researches about Nike’s products, they may develop a desire to purchase one or more of its items. They may think that this brand will nicely fit their needs and wants. Thus, this desire turns into action. A potential costumer might just have become a new consumer.

This is apparent that today, IMC are countless. Yet, this is paramount to clearly define one’s target audience in order to effectively convey one’s message to reach a desired outcome. As such, this is critical to use the right channel but the most important is to think like the consumer by applying the AIDA model. The more marketers use the AIDA model, the more they will finds ways to achieve their objectives. One advice I would give to marketers is to never lose track of what their end goal is. I hope you enjoyed reading my post. If you wish to know more about marketing in general either digital marketing, social media marketing, marketing strategies, and so forth, feel free to check out my website I am looking forward to writing another post.

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