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Have you ever heard of Google Ads Campaigns? Using Google Ads is increasingly and commonly used by any type of professionals such as digital marketers, social media marketers, brand developers, content creators, and so forth. Here is the reason why Google ads is widely used by a vast majority of people. In our today’s world, there is so much competition that this has become extremely tough to stand out. As a matter of fact, there is a coutless number of new brands and products arising which endlessly compete with each other. Furthermore, many people start their research process online and may get an unexpected number of different options. Therefore, Google Ads will increase your chances to be seen, eventually attract new consumers and effectively achieve your goals. In order to be as successful as possible, there are a few guidelines to take into consideration. I am pleased to guide you through those steps. Afterwards, I will mention some of the countless number of benefits of using Google Ads for you and your potential business.

The essentials to efficiently run your ads

Prior to getting started, I would like to underline that Google ads are based on marketing goals. The broader your goals will be, the easier this will be for Google to display your ads. In order to better illustrate the necessary steps to run effective ads, I would like to take a concrete example that will put you into the context. I own my own sunglasses and optical brand named Clemence&Margaux. As the summer is coming up, I would like to promote 1 pair of my new collection as it looks trendy, fashionable and colorful. I want to make sure to attract potential consumers. Since I want to increase the likelihood of success, I will create 2 campaigns and make an AB test to that will allow me to determine which one performs better. Yet, you may wonder: how would I create the ads?


Well, the determinant factor is the headline that needs to be eye catching and attention grabbing. This is the first thing that people will see about my ads so the words need to be appropriately chosen. Since I am doing an AB test, there can be one variation in my headline so that I find out which one was more appealing. For instance, the headline of my first campaign could be “Be Fashionable with the new trendy “Summer Love” by CM” while my second headline could be “Be glamorous and trendy with the new “Summer love” by CM.

Landing page

Right after the headline, this is critical to incert the URL which is referred to as the site or

Landing page people can click on. In this case, the URL will be


Last but not least, this is paramount to ad extensions. They are described as anything that can be added to build your credibility such as locations, phone number, additional links or business ratings. In my case, examples of extensions could be the phone number of the company, supplemental links such as the InstaGram,  the Facebook link or the B2B website, the name of countries in which Clemence&Margaux frames are sold, and so forth. The more links there are, the more credibility will be enhanced. Note that no matter what the business, the more extensions there are, the simpler this will be for people to find that particular business.

Benefits of Google Ads

I find it very useful to mention some of the benefits that Google Ads can bring to your business. Let’s assume that you are working for a brand new cosmetics brand named Essence. You’ve been assigned the task to create Google Ads campaigns to promote one specific product. From those creations will arise many benefits.

Increase awareness

Nowadays, many businesses activities occur online. People love spending some time online searching for information, this has become one of their favorite obbies. Thus, they may run into your ads anywhere, at any time no matter whatever they are doing either checking their mails, watching a movie or chatting with friends. .uilding awareness is essential, this is the factor that will drive your potential consumers into consideration. Therefore, make sure to use visually appealing images, colors or bold text. The more eye-catching, the most likely they will pay attention to your ads.

Display the potential of your brand

Obviously, the company you are working for predetermined a target audience. Yet, I assume that the brand is willing to satisfy many consumers needs and wants. This might even include people you would have never thought of. They run into your ads, click the link to learn more and are willing to engage. The more ads will appear online, the most likely the list of prospects will get bigger and bigger.

Achieve your determined goals

Whatever your goal is either building awareness, attracting new consumers, maximizing leads, increase your online sales, and so on, all of them can be achieved in the same place. Even if you don’t have that many goals, more goals can arise as consumers go through the research process. For instance, when you created the 2 ads about the new perfume, maybe that your first goal was to increase traffic site but the more traffic there is, the more likely online sales will occur, the more revenues your business will acquire.

Track insights

Which is great with Google Ads is that you can track all data. After performing your AB test, you will have access to the results and will report any insightful findings. For instance, you can analyze the click thru rate, the number of clicks, the conversion rate, the leads and so forth. Carefully analyzing those data will allow you to know what truly worked and what needs to be improved. For example, if you didn’t get enough conversions which is defined as the target action you want people to take, you can work more closely on your conversions goals in order to get better results.

As you can see, there are many opportunities to be successful with Google Ads. Even though the world is filled up with new brands, there is room for everybody. I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors. If ever you would like to find out about my sunglasses brand that I mentioned in my post, please feel free to check out the website For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

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