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Nowadays, in such a fast paced and digital world, getting your own website has become fundamental either for professional or personal purposes. Your website will doubtlessly strengthen and emphasize your personal/professional brand. In addition, a website will allow you to enhance your credibility towards your current and/or potential consumers. Furthermore, a webpage will give you the opportunity to talk about the story of the brand in depth along with its mission, its vision but also its core values and so forth. Yet, if creating a website is of significance, I strongly recommend you to put a greater focus on nicely and appropriately designing it. As of today, designs are omnipresent no matter what the context, objectives or goals. Taking some time to design your website will allow you to sparks your creativity, affirm your personality, stand out and be unique. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the way you design your website must match your visitors expectations. In today’s post, I am going to go over some best designs exemples with you and I’ll share my business website with you. Let’s get started.

Designs types

Not surprisingly, the first word that comes to mind when thinking of designs is visuals. Have you ever been advised not to insert only text when writing an article or promoting a new product such a pair of shoes? Industry professionals might have told you that only text will make your visitors get borred and walk away. Just like text, too many visual designs won’t be as effective which may result in the nonreach of your expected outcomes. There is a multitude of different designs such as colors, icons, graphics, charts but also interactive designs, usability, sound. The more interractions there are, the more visitors will feel like learning more about what you have to offer. If visitors are engaged in the beginning, you must find a way to keep them engaged until the end. Such an alternative would be to use auditory designs such as vocal text or music. As such, music is most likely to plunge visitors into an easygoing and peaceful ambiance. No matter what the designs you are creating, keep in mind that those must fit your personal brand, your business’s mission or your brand’s core values in order to stay aligned with what you aspire to as well as your visitors expectations, needs and wants. Let me share some insightful and aspiring websites designs examples.

Inspirational websites designs examples

I am pretty sure that you’ve heard of the brand IBM before. Have you ever checked out their website? If not, this should be on your to do list. There is a lot to learn from them. This will doubtlessly sparks your curiosity while enhancing your creativity. Like I mentioned earlier, this is critical to use designs variations to ensure visitors stay engaged. IBM knew how to create such a great and memorableexperience for their visitors. Indeed, they were able to combine visuals and auditory components. Even if visitors forgot to look at a few characteristics found on the homepage, they can still hear the background music which keeps them engaged and willing to learn more.

Furthermore, talking about visitors staying engaged, IBM emphasized their storytelling through videogames. Honestly, what’s better that videogames to keep people engaged? This is fun, exciting while informative.

Additionally, the tittle is wide and attention grabbing along with a small description. As we all know, beyond designs, the tittle has been, is and will always remain the most important. Even if you incorporate the best designs, if the tittle is not eye-catching, bold, colorful and attention grabbing, the likelihood of visitors to leave the website prior to carefully looking at it is high.

Clemence&Margaux: my own business website example

I own my own sunglasses/ optical brand. The website that was created has been thought and designed in order to satisfy the visitors’ expectations while providing them with a nice experience. When you first click on the website, the first thing that appears is campaign visuals. This has been designed this way so that people can visualize the frames while seeing them worn on people which can help them feel if they would see themselves wearing them or not. Under each picture, there is a small description of each product along with its available colors and point of sale. Right under, there is the story of the brand that sounds to be visually attracting while being attention grabbing. Everything has been thought to facilitate the visis of people so that they can find anything they want in the shortest period of time possible.

Especially nowadays, because there are many brands competing with each other, this is critical and paramount to devote some time to the design of your website. We live in a world where more and more people want to develop and own their brand which increasingly leaves little room for you to outshine. Keep in mind that the key today is to stand out, be you and be unique. Never lose track of designing a website that best reflects your values and personality. The more you will stay true to who you are, the more people will appreciate you and award credit to whatever you are doing. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you wish to discover more about websites, feel free to check out my website If you are curious about my brand and would like to know more, don’t hesitate to visit I am looking forward to writing another post.

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