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Either you are a student, a stagiaire, an employee, or a manager, building your own website is critical. A website will allow you to stand out.

Have you ever seen a website that caught your attention or a website you got inspired from?

Have you ever told yourself: “Ohh, this is nicely done, I love how designs are set up, or this provides me with some ideas on how to create mine”?

If so, I’m pretty sure that you ended up asking yourself : « What can I do to build a website that would fully reflect my personality ? »

Here are some benefits for you to consider in order for you to be as efficient and successful as possible.

Benefits of Building Your Own Website

First of all, creating your website is the best way for your brand to be visible, known, and appreciated.

In addition, creating your website will enable you to personalize it by creating a unique content that reflect your image as well as this of your company.

As such, providing your audience with personal content and designs will differentiate yourself from competitors.

Furthermore, your website will enhance your credibility towards your existing customers and potential ones.

Keep in mind that nowadays, websites trafic has tripled ; therefore, your website may be seen by people all over the world which will increase the likelihood of potential interest that may be followed by sales. Sales are always a plus to generate trust and positive word of mouth.

Quick But Effective Advices

Prior to building your website, you may ask yourself the following questions: How can I best fulfill my purpose? Or How can I effectively and efficiently come up with appropriate designs that will fulfill my visitors and/or costumers needs and wants?

Here are some tips that you may think about and that might serve you as a guide.

Firstly, I advise you to determine your strategy, define your objectives, and define your target market such as B2B or B2C.

Secondly, I encourage you to simplify your website as much as possible. Indeed, visitors wish to find whatever they need to find in a quick and effective manner. The least amount of time they spend looking for an information, the more satisfied they will be.

Thirdly, when creating your designs, you should keep in mind that each element has to serve a specific purpose. You should never lose track of what your end purpose is which is to lead the customer to examine each element in depth which may lead to a purchase. Even if the customer doesn’t end up purchasing from you, a nice presentation of each element always matters and will result in a positive word of mouth.

Lastly and most importantly, I strongly recommend you to think like you were the costumer. To do so, try to answer questions such as: When visiting a website, what would you like to see first? Which colors would be more appealing to you? In which order would you like to see the elements? Which type of visual would be eye-catching for you?

Thinking like the customer will provide you with some additional helpful insights that will guide you towards your journey on building your website that could be named your “professional you”.

Building your website can be perceived as a way to introduce yourself to your target audience. Indeed, after all, your website is a reflection of who you are since it strongly reflects both your tastes and personality. Therefore, devoting some time on its creation and development is fundamental.

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