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Nowadays, more and more people tend to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and think about building their own brand either personal or professional. The tool that had led to such a shift is social media. Indeed, in addition to being quite affluent in people’s lives, social media are a powerful and easy tool to communicate and interact with each other in a quick and efficient manner. Yet, in a constantly evolving and competitive digital world, this has become extremely tough to stand out because competition has dramatically increased over the past few years. Thus, in order to be as successful as possible, there are five steps you may want to consider prior to building your brand. I am pleased to guide you through those steps so that you can start developing, implementing and launching your brand on today’s most used and greatly appreciated platforms: social media.

The Five Steps Towards Successfulness

Firstly, the most important thing you want to do is to determine your target audience. In fact, the very first question you need to ask yourself is: who will be my customers, my potential customers? In other words, who is more likely to adhere to your products or services? During this phase, this is as important to identify your competitors because as I mentioned earlier, competition is omnipresent and a countless number of different brands compete for the same products.

Once you figured out who was your target audience, you can then find out which content they are interested in. Doing so will enable you to determine if your products will fit and satisfy their needs and wants.

Secondly, this is paramount to select the best and most appropriate platforms. For instance, if you wish to sell training clothes, you need to find out which platform people use when looking or searching for brand new training clothes. Unfortunately, all platforms will not match to your products, you must select just a few of them.

Thirdly, depending on your target audience needs, you have to create content that is relevant to those needs and that is tailored to the platform you have chosen to rely on. In other terms, you need to think like your target audience and find out which format is more convenient to convey your message. For example, if you promote your training clothes, is writing the best means to communicate about your products or is posting videos more appropriate for you, your products and your target audience?

Fourthly, in today’s world, building one’s brand is as important as connecting with people who seem to be interested in your offerings. Indeed, I strongly recommend you to consider doing the 2 following things. First, you should get to know your audience by talking to them. Feel free to ask them what they think about the products, if they have any recommendations, what are their preferences, and so forth… The more you connect to them, the closer they will feel to you, the more likely they will check the evolution of your brand on a regular basis. Then I greatly encourage you to build communities. You should give people the opportunity to communicate with each other by including yourself in conversations when appropriate. In order to do so, you could regularly make a post by asking a question or their opinion about a specific topic or about your current products. Keep in mind that all your posts will contribute to build a strong community towards your brand.

Finally, developing one’s brand on social media requires some devotion and availability. Obviously, this is critical for you to be active by regularly posting in order to stay in touch with your audience’s expectations. There is no rule of thumb in which regards the number of posts you need to create on your platform each week. The number of posts greatly varies because each brand is unique and owns a unique set of contributions to achieve its overall goal. Moreover, some platforms require more presence than others and a specific audience may expect to see more posts than another one.

If you carefully follow those steps, you should be all set. Building your brand requires some willingness, thoughts, time and devotion. Nevertheless, this is a beautiful path that you will never forget about. I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors.

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